Illumination & Miniature Artist

She was born in Germany. She graduated from The Department of Anthropology of Istanbul University, Turkey. During her undergraduate years, she took art history and painting courses and started her studies in illumination art and miniature painting under Cahide Keskiner in 1995. She successfully completed, in 2001, the Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Course organized by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey. She then continued her studies in miniature painting with Nusret Colpan and over the years, she worked with Nusret Colpan until his death, at different locations for multiple projects. Briefly, she worked on traditional jewelry techniques with Mehmet Kabas.

She completed her Master’s in Preservation of Cultural Heritage at Kadir Has University, Turkey. In 2009, she received from The Ministry of Culture and Tourism the title “Traditional Turkish Handicraft Artist and Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative” by virtue of her accomplishments in illumination art and miniature painting. She attended multiple international art festivals and more than a hundred exhibitions held in various cities, has her artwork printed in more than sixty publications. She designed numerous miniature paintings and continues to design for documentaries, magazines, books, charters, brochures, awards, tiles, jewelries and animation studies. Part of her more than sixty original miniature paintings are presented in private and public collections worldwide.

Some of her most recent media work includes: “Mavlana Rumi”, a documentary on Rumi’s life, “Abundance in the Lake”, a film prepared as part of The Kayseri Tuzla Lake Eco-friendly Salt Production Project, “Stars in the Sky” and “Sirkeci Terminal”, documentaries prepared by Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). She designed for The Borsa Istanbul the tile art that summarizes the history of the entity, and took a critical part in designing the tiles of “The Wall of Dada Gorgud”. Furthermore, she designed the figures on WE’R, the gourmet food packages, for Turkish Airlines VIP segment.

Currently, she works as an instructor at Fatih Municipality Cultural Center, Albaraka Academy of Art, Biruni University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and continuesher personal artworks in her studio.