The art of miniature which has a strong way of expression and a unique aesthetic structure has maintained its development under different and various styles throughout the centuries.

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She was born in Germany. She graduated from The Department of Anthropology of Istanbul University, Turkey. During her undergraduate years, she took art history and painting courses and started her studies in illumination art and miniature painting under Cahide Keskiner in 1995. She successfully completed, in 2001, the Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Course that organized by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey. She then continued her studies in miniature painting and with Nusret Colpan and over the years, she worked with Nusret Colpan until his death, at different locations and for multiple projects. Briefly, she worked on traditional jewelry techniques with Mehmet Kabas.

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mınıature paıntıngs

She designed numerous miniature paintings for documentaries, magazines, books, charters, brochures, awards, tiles, jewelries and animation studies. Part of her original miniature paintings are presented in this section.

art classes

She continues teaching at various art studios in Istanbul. Detailed information can be found in this section.


Designs other than miniature paintings can be found in this section.

“The word ‘miniature’ originates from various embellishments crafted around the first letter of chapter headings in medieval european manuscripts”

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